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About Us

“I’m really delighted to have the Berkeley Massage and Self-Healing Center in my life. I enjoy a very active lifestyle — and accordingly I have my fair share of the soreness, tension, and stress. I keep coming back because throughout the many years I have been a client of the center, I’ve consistently found the practitioners to be knowledgable, sensitive, and effective bodyworkers.” —Michael McDougall

“I’ve been a very satisfied customer of Berkeley Massage Center for many years. They’ve helped me through serious medical trauma, as well as the daily stress of being a school principal. I couldn’t do without their skill and kindness.” —Susan Harman, Ed.D

Our Massage Therapists

Diana Syverud

L.M.T., Cranial-Sacral Therapist
My work is focused and deep, yet without causing pain. I allow your breath to draw us into the deepest places of physical and emotional blockages enabling us to work together toward freer movement. I combine Swedish and deep tissue massage with movement, breath awareness and Cranial-Sacral therapy to create an integrated massage experience. I also specialize in pre-natal and post-partum massage to support both mother and child during this special time.

“I’ve been a monthly client of Diana for 13 years. Her treatments have taken me through many stressful times, including marriage, childbirth and divorce. Without her my repetitive stress symptoms would be unbearable. She has also referred me to other fantastic treatment specialists—she’s great!” —Judy Hicks

Ana Diane Landelle

C.M.T., Accupressurist
By combining my training in Swedish techniques with the powerful touch of acupressure, my massage can help you to experience a wonderful state of energetic balance. My touch is very nurturing and can be both sensitive and deep. I like to address each individual holistically. Whether you wish to relax, ease stress or relieve pain, I will respond to your specific needs. I also offer pre-natal and post-partum massage.

Angela Carlo

I draw on a variety of modalities, most notably Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and traditional Swedish massage to tailor the session to your specific needs. A massage with me addresses the physical, mental and emotional, as well as the energetic level. What we internalize in our bodies through stress has the capacity to be released through bodywork. Whether this means releasing holding patterns, or relieving repetitive stress and muscle knots, massage can help promote a greater sense of vitality and well being on all these levels.

Shannon Sahaja

I work intuitively by listening deeply to your body while drawing upon my 20 years of experience as a bodyworker, yoga teacher, and movement therapist. It is my greatest joy to hold space for my clients to let go of tension and open to greater ease. Utilizing the structure of Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Reiki, I create a session that brings well-being to your body mind and spirit. With deep presence and healing hands my nurturing touch leaves you feeling peaceful, integrated, and rejuvenated.

Jennifer Wood

I incorporate breathwork with a flowing rhythmic technique to gently and deeply nurture the body and promote personal harmony. My intention is to help people find balance in their lives through customized wellness. With over 20 years of experience, my training in Lomi-Lomi, Swedish, Chi Nei Tsang, deep tissue, acupressure and energy work; will help increase the body’s natural energy flow to greatly reduce stress, tension and anxiety.

Anastasia Barron

I facilitate the body’s innate capacity to stimulate its own healing. My work is rooted in Structural Integration, Connective Tissue Release, Thai Massage, and the subtleties of embodied somatic practices. I believe that healing is a collaborative journey in which movements and postures are re-patterned, speaking to the root of pain, and ultimately creating lasting freedom in mobility and expression.

Siobhan Lettow

My approach is both focused and individualized. Integrating Eastern and Western modalities, I employ a unique blend to help bring balance to body, mind, and spirit. I am constantly innovating and supplementing my professional expertise by seeking out specialized events pertaining to healing therapies.

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